While tiny dogs don’t mind being ferried about in designer handbags, cats would rather scratch our arms off than let us take them outside the front door. Cat owners have suffered for too long, going about their lives outside without the company of their feline companions, but now there’s a clever way for us to carry a cute kitten around in our bags and keep our arms at the same time, with the adorably realistic cat pouch from Felissimo.

The star of the pouch is actually one of Japan’s most popular cute cats, Riku-kun, one of five kittens who star in a Twitter account with over 129,000 followers.

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Made from soft, fluffy cotton, the pouch is designed to make you feel like you’re petting a cat when you stroke it.

The real magic happens when you open the pouch, with an almost 3-D image of the adorable kitten popping out for a belly rub.


The soft case is available online for 1,508 yen (US$14), with part of the cost going to the company’s special cat fund, which works to care for animals without owners and assist with foster pet programs.


Now all we need to do is petition the makers to let us customise the pouch with images of our own pretty cats and we’ll be one step closer to really taking our feline friends out the front door!

Source, images: Felissimo