Super-affectionate feline is out to melt hearts, destroy productivity.

In looking for ways to boost employee productivity, some studies have shown that there can be benefits to having pets in the workplace. While your animal companion obviously isn’t going to run copies, brainstorm ideas, or schedule meetings for you, some workers get a noticeable boost in morale by having their cat or dog nearby throughout their shift.

It makes sense, because who doesn’t feel more energetic and dynamic when in close proximity to a loved one? However, all those advantages go right out the window if your pet loves you back a little too much, as shown in this video from Japanese Twitter user @ny0ru.

In most linguistic situations, you’d expect the cat to go after the mouse, but this kitty is dead-set on keeping @ny0ru away from the PC peripheral. “No way I’m getting any work done like this…” murmured the Twitter user, and online commenters added the following.

“So, so jealous of you.”
“He’s cute enough that I’d let him get away with this.”
“Even if you’re late with your reports, no one will mind if this is the reason.”
“I think your cat is jealous of your computer.”

Since cats are notoriously fickle creatures, this is no doubt a bit of a dilemma for @ny0ru, who’s seemingly faced with a choice between rebuffing such unabashed affection or making zero progress in his work. One commenter offered an elegant solution, though:

“Use your left hand.”

Problem solved.

Source: Hamster Sokuho, Twitter/@ny0ru

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