Apparently, there’s a simple trick you can use while watching this teaser video to make it just a little bit more exciting!

Following the Book of Circus (TV anime series) and Book of Murder (OVA) arcs, the charming and mysterious world of Black Butler has even more in store for audiences — this time the story is set on the luxury liner Campania, where secrets involving resurrecting the dead are waiting to be unraveled.

The first teaser clip for the movie was released some weeks ago, and while actual footage of the upcoming film has yet to be revealed, this minute-long clip, featuring visuals created by Black Butler mangaka Yana Toboso, does a good job at stirring up the mystery and anticipation.

▼ Sadly, the video may not be available to those living outside of Japan.

To hype up your viewing experience, try watching the video with one eye closed. The visual misperception gives the clip a mild “3-D” effect!


Kuroshitsuji: Book of the Atlantic (Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic) will be put together by a returning team of staff and cast who have been working on the franchise since Black Butler made its TV anime debut.

Daisuke Ono as Sebastian Michaelis
Maaya Sakamoto as Ciel Phantomhive
Yukari Tamura as Elizabeth Midford
Junichi Suwabe as Undertaker
Jun Fukuyama as Grelle Sutcliff
KENN as Ronald Knox
Noriaki Sugiyama as William T. Spears
Takuma Terashima as Snake
Hiroki Touchi as Baldroy
Yuuki Kaji as Finnian
Emiri Katou as Mey-Rin


Original work: Yana Toboso
Director: Noriyuki Abe
Scriptwriter: Hiroyuki Yoshino
Character design and chief animation director: Minako Shiba
Music composer: Yasunori Mitsuda
Production studio: A-1 Pictures
Distributor: Aniplex

Kuroshitsuji: Book of the Atlantic is scheduled to screen in theatres in Japan on 21 January 2017.

Source/Images: Kuroshitsuji Movie official website, YouTube

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