Traditional silverwork pairs with the power of the moon in this stunning Silver Crystal pendant

We can neither confirm nor deny whether wearing this necklace will transform you into Eternal Sailor Moon.

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Don’t snooze on the brand-new Snorlax ring and necklace from U-Treasure

These rotund new designs with a black polished coating pay homage to a fan-favorite Pokémon.

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Glam out with Pokémon Vulpix and Ninetails necklace by Japanese jewelry designer U-Treasure

A limited-edition release only for this winter.

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Transform yourself with U-Treasure’s new solid gold or platinum Ditto necklaces

Ditto fans rejoice! Fan jewelry just for you.

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Personalized Pokémon gold necklaces are here to empty out our wallets once again

Treat yourself or a friend to one of these exquisitely crafted necklaces and become Poké-pretty.

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Kimi no Na Wa jewellery released to celebrate success of Japanese anime film “your name.”

This beautiful comet jewellery captures all the heart and sentiment from the smash hit movie.

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Japanese discount clothing chain selling swastika necklaces (also ugly tank tops)

In Japan, accessories are a big part of fashion for both women and men. Some stores even try to take the guesswork out of choosing what to pair with what by offering a shirt and necklace as a set.

But while that’s handy for guys who don’t have an eye for putting together an entire outfit from scratch, this pre-set bundle that’s got people in Japan talking seems to have gotten so wrapped up in trying to look cool that it forgot about simple things like world history or cultural sensitivity, as one Japaese clothing chain is selling a combo of a tank top and a necklace with a Nazi swastika on it.

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Eevee Evolutions captured in silver & gold necklaces

The new wave of Eevee merchandise continues with a series of necklaces. There are nine necklaces for each of the evolutions represented on a silver, gold, or rose gold pendant with a semi-precious or precious stone. The price varies depending on which metal the buyer chooses. The jewelry is being made in a collaboration with K Uno.

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“Tanima Diver” necklaces celebrate cleavage by plunging right into it

Remember ekoD Works, the creators of the booby T-shirt that allowed owners of even the most modest breasts to show off a pair of tremendous D-cups in public? Well they’re back, and once again they’re celebrating boobies with a brand new project that requires the financial backing of fellow cleavage enthusiasts.

This time around, the creative team is launching a series of necklaces dubbed “Tanima Diver”, which feature an array of tiny figures, from skydiving businessmen to men in full scuba gear, about to descend into the dark valley, or “tanima“, between a woman’s breasts.

Join us after the jump for more on this peculiar product and to take a look at the wacky promotional video its makers are hoping will convince you to part with your money.

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