The hallucinatingly warm bedsheets of Japan’s favorite cheap home furnishings brand【Photos】

It’s like sleeping inside a batch of soft, comfy mochi.

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Uniqlo’s amazing new bedsheets are hallucinatingly comfortable

Japan’s favorite affordable fashion brand also makes bedding, and it just blew our minds.

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Baby boy has a perfectly good reason for being mesmerized by sexy anime girl blanket

Otakuism is apparently hereditary, and especially strong in the bloodline of anime industry professionals.

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Get these hot Young Black Jack sheets and pillow cases for your sexy sleepy times

For those you who have dreamed of wrapping yourself in Young Black Jack‘s warmth or falling asleep with him by your side, we have just the thing!

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Don’t jump, we’ll be your boyfriend! Dumped Chinese college girl saved by dozens of men with sheets

China has a history of people jumping off buildings for crazy reasons, with crazy results, and with absolutely insane intentions.

But the latest jump attempt in China might just take the cake. A female Chinese college student climbed to the top of a 13-story building and threatened to jump, but she was quickly “saved” by a group of fast-acting men ready to do their best to catch her if she fell.

And their safety net of choice: not a trampoline, not a mattress, but sheets. Lots and lots of sheets.

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