Here’s a roundup of the best pictures of cats from Japanese Twitter users.

This year, two-thousand and sixteen, included a number of unfortunate events that many folks wish would never have happened. A lot of people are throwing in the proverbial towel, willing to skip the holiday season all together if it means getting to 2017 any faster.

While there were many terrible events from this year, there were also pockets of hope, happiness and cats. Furry felines from around Japan took over the Internet again and again, which was probably their secret plan all along, so why don’t we try to end on a high note with some of the best Twitter cats from 2016?

▼ Whoa, how much do you weigh?!?

▼ The elusive floating cat!

▼ Mufasa’s return!

▼ When your cat gets pixelated.

▼ “Worst…collar…ever.”

▼ “Yes! I fit! …wait…can I get a little help here?!?”

▼ Everyone needs a bit of spring cleaning.

▼ This is what happens when you forget the adage “Beer before liquor, never been sicker.”

▼ Uh, we don’t think you’re 19th-century Japanese political reformer Sakamoto Ryoma, no matter what the arrow tells us.

▼ “Can I wash my hands?” “Yeah, noooo.”

▼ When you want to throw your offering in order to make a prayer, but know it won’t reach the gods.

▼ A very, very surprised cat.

▼ On your feet, lose your seat!

▼ Never show guilt even when caught in the act.

▼ Same, same!

▼ Don’t forget to do your early afternoon stretches.

If it fits, we leave it on our head and that’s totally fine.

▼ Secret Agent Cat in a digital age.

▼ Practicing for an evening performance of the Lion King’s “Circle of Life”.

▼ This is the real Shin (new) Godzilla!

▼ Godzilla is not amused by his tail being bit.

Let’s face it, no matter what kind of year it has been, our Internet Overlords will always be there to show us the lighter side of things. Plus, owning a cat (or any animal) has been shown help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Be sure to take your own pictures of your animals or fully enjoy the ones presented above to attempt and make 2016 OK. And as always, praise the kitty rulers!

Source: Naver Matome
Featured image: Twitter/@akihimatandon11