Living up to the very definition of “gentle men”.

While many of us continue to walk on eggshells while trying to get a feel for which direction the new year will go, a fantastic feel good story (and not a story about grabbing a good feel) has come from one person’s commute on a Japanese train line. The story is a great first step for what we hope will be an all-around more positive year.

▼ In a series of unfortunate events, this train was snowed in the face at the end of 2016.


The story begins as many do in Japan, with someone on their way to work. As @ameni1952 was riding the train to their destination, a deepening sense of sleepiness overcame the Twitter user. About to fall asleep, @ameni1952 couldn’t think of anything else to do but ask the gentleman sitting beside him to wake him up when the train had arrived at Kikuna Station in the city of Yokohama.

▼ Kikuna


Nodding off to sleep, @ameni1952 was soon awoken by a completely different person who had sat down beside him as the train pulled into Kikuna. The first good samaritan must have gotten off at an earlier stop and tasked a new person with the sacred duty of waking the dozing passenger.

Even though the first gentleman had given no confirmation about accepting the duty of waking this individual up, he performed his given role in an admirable fashion. The only regret of @ameni1952 was that he wasn’t able to express his gratitude to the person he originally asked. After reading this story, several other Japanese Twitter users shared their similar memories of kindness offered by older business men while riding the train. It just goes to show that even the smallest of gestures can get the biggest reaction, and if we all do our part in the coming year with small acts of kindness, 2017 will be a year worth remembering.  

Source: Twitter/@ameni1952
Top image: Flickr/Junepei Abe