It might look like magic, but these balls can actually be stored in the ceiling without the use of any racks, hooks or netting.

If you’ve ever owned an exercise ball, you’ll know how great they can be for straightening your posture and stretching out your muscles, but when it comes to storing them, they can be a big pain in the backside.

Most of the storage solution ideas we’ve seen usually involve wall racks or corner nets in the ceiling to get the large balls out of the way and clear up floor space, but now exercise ball owners in Japan are showing off a novel idea that’s blowing our minds.

According to these owners, the easiest way to store these balls is by simply shoving them into a corner of the ceiling.

The impossible-looking feat is said to be so efficient that the balls fit snugly in place without moving.

Even skeptical balance-ball owners like this Twitter user said they were shocked when they tried it and found out that it actually worked.

The secret to the impossible-looking feat is likely due to the fact that many Japanese homes come with textured coverings on the walls and ceilings.

These soft, cloth-like wallpaper coverings provide enough traction to cling to the ridged surface of the exercise balls, holding them securely in place.

So regardless of whether there’s the top of a doorframe to add some extra stability, or simply nothing at all but a corner, these balls will pop right into place, staying snug in the arms of your ceiling until you’re ready to use the exercise ball again.

The fact that Japanese ceilings tend to be low means you won’t even have to get out a stepladder to reach your ball time and time again.

While the lifehack works well in Japanese homes, you might want to think twice about trying this out in western-style houses without those soft fabric-like coverings. We wouldn’t want anyone to be hit in the face with an exercise ball projectile flung at them from the ceiling, so exercise caution before trying this at home!

Source: Net Lab
Featured image: Twitter/@Fuya0506Nerv
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