The wind-up toys feature adorable movements designed to bring a smile to everybody’s faces.

Studio Ghibli merchandise distributor Benelic has been delighting anime fans everywhere lately with the announcement of their recent new releases set to appear in Japan’s popular chain of Donguri Kyowakoku stores.

First there was the burping, coin-gobbling No Face piggy bank, then a gorgeous tea range packaged in beautifully illustrated tins, and now we have a new set of exclusive merchandise to look forward to: My Neighbour Totoro wind-up toys.

The three items in the range include the My Neighbour Totoro Wind-up Acorn, which features a large and small Totoro playing hide-and-seek while wearing a couple of green leaf hats.

The cute animated star of the series also comes to life in a larger-sized toy that shelters from the rain while moving its arms up and down in an “umbrella dance”.

The final toy in the lineup features the cute 4-year-old character Mei. Once she’s wound up her hat moves up and down, revealing and concealing a cute Totoro hiding out on her head.

▼ The three new products will retail for 1,850 yen (US$16.70) each.

Available at Donguri Kyowakoku stores around Japan from May, the new items can also be purchased from their online store, and if you’re overseas, don’t forget to check out the Cafe de Donguri global page on Rakuten in English, or keep an eye out for them at international shipping sites like Japan Trend Shop.

Source, images: PR Times

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