Our reporter took one look at the top of his head in a mirror and knew what had to be done.

About a week ago, Mr. Sato lost a bet about crackers and had to get a punch perm, a somewhat outdated hairstyle once worn by only the rowdiest boys of Japan.

Readers were largely impressed with how well Mr. Sato sported the punch perm, declaring it an improvement to the ratty-looking Mohawk he had prior. However, that was only the beginning of the benefits this new hairdo would bring.

Being the sharp-eyed investigative reporter he is, Mr. Sato quickly noticed that his head bore an uncanny resemblance to a steel scouring pad. So why not see if it can perform just as well as one when it comes to tackling mildew and soap scum?

First, Mr. Sato began filling the tub for a bath, and passed the time doing professional wrestler poses, just like he usually does around this time.

Then he took his bath like any regular day.

Next, he shampooed his head using a little more than usual to work up an extra amount of lather.

Then he stopped scrubbing his head started scrubbing his stubborn ring-around-the-tub.

Up and down, back and forth, Mr. Sato made sure his hair reached into every corner of the tub for an even clean.

The tub was complete but his head was still quite frothy, so he decided to give the bathroom sink a once over too.

Mr. Sato was overjoyed that he could save time by cleaning his hair and bathroom at the same time.

The bathroom became so clean that he decided to tackle the kitchen sink as well. After all, it was just outside the bathroom door in his tragically cramped Tokyo apartment.

Mr. Sato would like to remind anyone trying this at home to be very careful. Bathtubs are slippery places and rubbing your head on them raises the risk of slipping, so exercise extreme caution.

Also, he figures other hairstyles would probably work, but the punch perm is ideal for this job. The tight curls work up a hearty amount of foam and help protect the head from bumping up against the sides of the tub.

In other words, you’ll likely end up with a headache if you try this with anything other than the super-tight chemically treated curls of a punch perm.

So why not go out and get a punch perm of your own to make yourself look great and be more efficient?

Okay yes, it’s only available in Japan and even here it’s really hard to find someone who will do it nowadays… but give us one more reason not to go out and get one. It’s certainly a lot more practical around the house than Mr. Sato’s Steve Jobs haircut.

Photos: ©SoraNews24
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