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Everyone has that one celebrity that we have been told we sort of look like if we squint our eyes and look into a foggy mirror. For our beloved RocketNews24 reporter Mr. Sato, that celebrity doppelganger is none other than former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. As a frequent participant at iPhone launches and Apple’s annual “luckybag” sale in Japan, Mr. Sato decided maybe it was time to see if a shorter haircut (and a black turtleneck) would indeed make him look like the tech icon. Armed with an iPad and a digital photo of Steve Jobs, Mr. Sato began his iMakeover.

While most people are pretty familiar with Steve Jobs, some barbers might not know exactly what a customer means when they ask for the hairstyle of the creator of the iPhone. Showing the barber his iPad with a digital photo of Steve Jobs, Mr. Sato asked to have his hair cut just like the picture. The barber replied back “gotcha!” with such confidence that Mr. Sato knew he was in the right hands.

▼ Steve Jobs would be proud to learn how his iPad is being used today

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Fully expecting the barber to make liberal use of the clippers and just start buzzing away, Mr. Sato was surprised when he picked up his scissors and began slowly working his magic. The barber’s careful and methodical scissor work put Mr. Sato at ease. They talked a little bit about being a barber and it turns out that it had been a while since anyone came in asking to have their hair cut like a certain celebrity.

▼ The barber takes his time when styling Mr. Sato’s luscious locks


While Mr. Sato enjoyed talking back and forth with the barber, he had one problem that makes getting his hair cut always a bit nerve-wracking: his terrible eyesight. Without glasses, Mr. Sato had no idea what the barber was doing and had to put complete confidence in the barber to know exactly how short to cut it without unintentionally turning him into a monk.

▼ Take a deep breath and relax Mr. Sato, when the barber is done, you may…or may not look like Steve Jobs

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The barber put down his scissors and told Mr. Sato he had completed the transformation. Mr. Sato put his glasses back on, anxiously awaiting what he would soon see in the mirror. Would he look like his tech hero Steve Jobs? Or would he be immediately buying a hat to cover up the hairdon’t? Mr. Sato faced the mirror, opened his eyes and saw…famed RocketNews24 reporter Mr. Sato.

Something was still missing. Maybe he needed a black turtleneck and a pair of round glasses to fully turn into Steve Jobs.

▼ Is that you, Mr. Jobs, in the corner?

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▼Wait a second…

2015.01.04 steve jobs 9

▼ Definitely still Mr. Sato

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▼ Does putting Mr. Sato in black and white help?

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▼What about posing with the new iPhone?

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Well, what do you think? Have we found Apple’s new spokesperson or should Mr. Sato stick to being a calendar model?

Photos: RocketNews24
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