If you’re an anime-loving lady, here’s your chance to save the day.

A few months ago, a new matchmaking service called Tora Con was launched in Japan (with the “Con” coming from the Japanese word konkatsu, or “looking for a marriage partner”). Administered by Tora no Ana, a bookstore chain specializing in independently published manga, Tora Con’s goal is to match marriage-minded single otaku with one another, and even goes so far as to make users take an “otaku diagnostic test” to pinpoint their pop culture preferences.

However, the odds are looking slim for love to bloom at an upcoming Tora Con matchmaking party scheduled for May 20 in Tokyo’s Akihabara neighborhood. The event is specifically being held for single anime fans, with its promotional text inviting participants to “Have fun talking about this season’s anime, anime from the past, anime songs, and voice actors!”

To keep the atmosphere relaxed and cozy, participation is limited to 10 singles. But while all five male slots have been filled, not a single woman has yet registered to attend, and the deadline is coming up on May 10.

▼ The promotional artwork being used on the party’s webpage

In contrast, things are going much better for Tora Con’s May 27 gamers-only matchmaking party, which has already met its full capacity of five men and five women. Both the game and anime mixer are charging 8,000 yen (US$72) for male participants, who must have full-time employment and be between the ages of 28 and 45, and 3,000 yen for women who must be between 27 and 39 but have no employment restrictions placed upon them, and both list their venue as “within walking distance of Akihabara Station” (participants will be informed of the exact location upon registration). Really, the only discernible difference in how they’re being promoted is that instead of the stylish young lady who appears on the anime party’s announcement, the game party’s features this suave gentleman.

Whatever the reason may be, the anime party is in danger of failing to meet its necessary quorum of three men and three women, and thus being cancelled. If you’re an anime-loving woman with two like-minded friends of the same gender, you can save Tora Con’s anime fan matchmaking party by signing up for it here.

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