Confusing? Yes. Delicious? Arguable.

Every now and then a new food fad catches the attention of the Japanese Internet, and most of the time they look pretty darn good. Coffee in an ice cream cone? Yes please. Rainbow sushi? Sure, why not!

Sticking your McDonald’s cheeseburger through the straw of your soft drink? Uh… wait, what?

We’re not exactly sure where the idea came from, but it’s here now, so let’s take a look!

“A girly Instagram photo is going to McDonald’s and
sticking the soda straw through your hamburger.”

How this qualifies as “girly” is unclear, but we’re not going to deny that it seems to be young women who are picking up on this confusing culinary trend:

“I was so tired that when I thought about the mini hamburger
in the straw after seeing this I nearly died laughing.”

“The popular ‘Drink X Hamburger.’
…it’s kind of cute.”
(Click right side arrow for another pic.)

▼ The “Drink X Hamburger” breakfast edition.

However, it seems not everyone is on board with the idea. This person compiled a bunch of screenshots from Instagram and had quite a bit to say:

“How is this cute? Why is this popular? We need to stop this. It’s gross.
There’s bits of hamburger in the straw. It’s making me lose my appetite lol.”

Some others saw the potential for more and immediately tried the same concept in other restaurants:

▼ Ooh, am I crazy for thinking this one actually seems good? I’d much rather have doughnut stuck in my coffee straw than hamburger in my soda straw.

▼ Or we could just avoid the whole “getting bits stuck in the straw” altogether by using the doughnut hole. Kind of defeats the purpose, but less mushy this way.

Of course, there’s only one question on our minds after seeing these photos: how does it taste? Not many provided much feedback in that area, though one of them did leave a quick comment on the subject:

▼ This poster said that the part of the pickle she stabbed through with the straw
came up with the texture like boogers. Hmm, not exactly a glowing review.

Here’s how other Japanese netizens reacted to the “Drink X Hamburger” trend:

“There’s gotta be meat in that straw. Kinda gross.”
“I think I did this once when I was three years old.”
“But… what’s the point?”
“McDonald’s please put a stop to this madness.”
“When you eat the hamburger the drink’s lid will support it so bits won’t fall, and it doesn’t get in the way of you drinking either. It may look weird, but this is genius!”

Will “Drink X Hamburgers” take off as the next crazy Japanese hamburger trend like sushi burgers? Only time will tell, but I think we’re in dire need of a Mr. Sato taste test.

Source: Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Instagram/im_mmoe