After undergoing a three year transformation, he advocates going to great lengths to be popular with women.

A few days ago, a Twitter user posted a list of nine things men should do so as not to be perceived as walking garbage cans by women. Unsurprisingly, it caused a Twitter storm, but among all the indignant replies came a comment from a user who swore that the list actually worked for him.

Japanese Twitter user @byakko_yun dabbles in cosplay and has been following a very similar grooming regimen for the past three years to keep himself in tip-top shape:

▼ @byakko_yun’s routine
(Translation below)

1. Get haircuts at salons
2. Apply hair wax
3. Shave every day
4. Trim his eyebrows
5. Wear contact lenses
6. Lift weights and run
7. Update his wardrobe
8. Take countermeasures against body odor

All that’s missing from the original list is using concealer on his face, but @byakko_yun reckoned that just the eight items were enough to achieve the cleanliness that Japanese women so desired in men.

He totally transformed himself over three years, shaving off 15 kilograms (33 pounds). With a touch of makeup, even crossdressing cosplay is possible, and he successfully met himself a girlfriend with those eight steps.

“Gentlemen, it’s too early to give up,” he said.

▼ @byakko_yun also had some encouraging words
to say to those struggling to find partners. (Translation below)

“Some people might say that I’m good-looking from the start or that this method only works for handsome guys. If you have the time to talk, then go do some running, grab a dumbbell, and buy some hair wax and perfume. Then burn all the humiliation you’ve endured, all the scorn and abuse! Then hate, plot revenge, and rebel! Progress and burn! Progress and burn!!”

That’s definitely going to be my new battle cry at the gym.

As more Japanese men are extending their grooming practices to their nether regions, it’s hard not to imagine them stark naked with razor in hand and screaming, “Progress and burn!”

Source: Twitter/@byakko_yun via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso