Just because you wear a hijab doesn’t mean you can’t cosplay.

Cosplay may have gotten its start in Japan, but since then it’s grown to become a worldwide phenomenon. From grandmothers in Taiwan to gender-bending ladies in the U.S., people everywhere love to get dressed up and pay homage to different characters, and just when we think we’ve seen it all, something always comes along to surprise us and make us look at the world of cosplay in a different light all over again.

The latest cosplayer to grab everyone’s attention is Misa, a 21 year-old from Perlis in Malaysia, who’s showing us all how good characters can look with a hijab head covering. While most cosplayers use coloured wigs to bring characters to life, Misa simply uses different coloured hijabs to achieve a stunning look, and her extensive photo collection is growing by the day.

▼ Misa calls herself the “Malaysian Hijab Cosplayer“,
using the nickname Miisa MHC.

Misa, who first started posting photos on Instagram in May last year, has a talent for creating cute cosplay looks based on a number of different characters from a variety of popular anime series.

Here she looks absolutely gorgeous as Mikasa from Attack on Titan.

▼ And here, she shows off her “gothic look for Sailormoon x Black Lady“.

At an outdoor photo shoot with a friend, Misa hams it up as the anthropomorphised sword Yamatonokami Yasusada from Touken Ranbu.

As purple-haired Kanna, one of the main characters in Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, Misa looks like she’s stepped out of the anime and into real-life!

Out of all the series she’s drawn inspiration from, Misa has a soft spot for the series Naruto, cosplaying as Mitsuki from Boruto: Naruto the Movie

▼ As Himawari Uzumaki

▼ And as Naruko Uzumaki.

While she loves to emulate popular anime characters, Misa has some original character ideas up her sleeve too.

Given her unique approach to cosplay, Misa has attracted attention from the media, even appearing in magazines.

▼ And she’s so popular she even has her own fan art!

Misa loves attending events in costume too. This year, for the 2017 iteration of Malaysia’s largest comic and cosplay event, CF Mini, she cosplayed as Runa from Kakegurui.

With her creative ideas and beautifully made outfits, we’re sure we’ll see much more of Misa soon. Don’t forget to give her a follow on Instagram and Facebook so you can keep up to date with all her new cosplay characters!

Source, featured image: Instagram/@miisa_mhc
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