Maybe it’s just her hairstyle and makeup. Or her eyes. Or her smile… or a combination of all of that.

Contrary to what some may say, not all Asians look alike. Some of us may look more similar to each other than others, but few are born with the looks of one of Japan’s most well-liked actresses, Yui Aragaki, nicknamed “Gakki,” who is known for her flawless snowy skin, bright eyes and charismatic smile.

Some also believe that there are seven people in the world who look just like you, and this adorable young lady from Shanghai, China, comes pretty close to being Aragaki’s doppleganger.

Referring to herself as Lizi (栗子), the graduate of Shanghai Ocean University has recently risen to cyber fame, coined by netizens as “China’s Gakki” or “Chinese Yui Aragaki” due to her resemblance to the Japanese big screen star.

▼ Lizi

▼ Yui Aragaki

▼ And now back to Lizi for the rest of the article

▼ She looks like Gakki even in moving pictures!

Boasting over 19,000 and 140,000 followers on Instagram and Weibo (China’s most popular social media platform) respectively, Lizi looks most like Aragaki when she’s sporting short hair with her fringe down and flashing a megawatt smile. I’ll have to admit that I did a double take when I first saw some of her photos.

With such a cute face and dazzling smile, though, I reckon Lizi would probably still have been quite the social media sweetheart even if it wasn’t Yui Aragaki she looked like. Follow her on Instagram or Weibo to see her latest posts!

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Featured image: Instagram/lializiko