Did this ’90s Japanese horror manga predict the coronavirus pandemic?

Manga artist draws amazing parallels between fiction and reality.

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Did the Akira manga predict the coronavirus epidemic?

Tiny background detail in ‘80s manga masterpiece getting new attention decades later.

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Announcing the 2019 Junior and Senior High School Girls’ Buzzword Awards & 2020 predictions

Find out this year’s trendiest slang for Japanese female teenagers and you’ll be grouped in the cool crowd while strutting the streets of Shibuya.

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Japanese capital to move from Tokyo to Okayama…according to a “time-travelling” Twitter user

The first question to a visitor from the future who could tell us about medical and technological breakthroughs? That’s right, it was about boobs.

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More than just cartoons, here are five anime that predicted and inspired the future [Video]

The future doesn’t seem all that far away anymore, especially with tablets, 3D TVs and the advent of hoverboards, as predicted in Back to the Future Part II. But it’s not just Hollywood movies that gave us a glimpse of what was to come. If we take a step back and review certain classic anime, we see some hints and foreshadowing of things that we either have todayor soon will.

The guys over at nerdy-cool fandom website Dorkly, compiled a video list of 5 Times Anime Predicted the Future, doing a great job of picking out some startlingly accurate predictions and possible inspirations. It could have been premonition, it could have been that vital element that inspired today’s scientists. Either way, it’s pretty cool, if not creepy at times.

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Can these Japanese kitties accurately predict the advancing teams of the World Cup?

You may remember that octopus named Paul whose accurate series of “predictions” during the 2010 World Cup about Germany’s matches and Spain’s victory shot him to worldwide fame.

Well move over, Paul, because you’ve got two new furry rivals! Stepping up to the challenge in 2014 are Munchkin kitties Kikunosuke and Rikimaru. Their owner had them “predict” which two teams from each of the initial groups A through H would proceed to the rest of the tournament. Japanese fans would be well-advised to listen to the cats, since Japan was picked to advance from group C.

Keep reading to find out which sixteen teams will advance, at least according to the cats!

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Self-styled ‘King of Psychics’ predicts major disaster for Japan, asks for new Twitter followers

Japan’s Twitterverse is abuzz with the news that US-born psychic Ron Bard has predicted a huge natural disaster in Japan with major loss of life by the end of 2013. Bard, who calls his work “parapsychological consulting”, is well-known in Japan and counts major players at companies like Sega and Merrill Lynch Japan among his clients.
Bard took to Twitter yesterday with a series of translated messages for his fans in Japan including one that read: “I predicted March 11, but no one believed me. You can save lives this time by retweeting this!”

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