Our crack reporter gained a handful of fans for his efforts, might have driven away more.

Ever since our Japanese-language reporter and mascot, Mr. Sato, posed in a sexy loincloth for our SoraNews24 calendar, he began harboring a glimmer of hope that modeling just might be the big break he’d been waiting 44 long years for.

No dream was too big for Mr. Sato, but our reporter figured that if his suave mug was to become the next face of Japan, tapping into the power of social media selfies would be the best way to go about it.

“All I have to do is mimic the pros,” declared a confident Mr. Sato. He loved ogling at women’s selfies on Instagram during toilet breaks, but looking at and striking those cute poses himself were two very different things.

▼ Nevertheless, he decided to give the
“thing-on-the-forehead-with-eyes-closed” pose a shot.

▼ Any object would suffice, but he chose his trusty e-cigarette and snapped.

▼ “I love smoking. I can’t imagine life without it,” the caption would read.

▼ Convinced that he was off to a good start,
Mr. Sato grabbed a packet of milk that was close to expiry.

▼ “You can’t go wrong with the ‘one-eyed pirate’,” said the photogenic reporter.

▼ “A lot of cute women on Instagram seem to have toothaches.”

▼ He looks fabulous, doesn’t he?

▼ “What about the ‘neck pain’ pose? I see plenty of those around.”

▼ It began to dawn on Mr. Sato that pain was an
essential ingredient in taking gorgeous selfies.

▼ Puffing up cheeks to accentuate his cuteness seemed simple enough…

▼ …if only he didn’t look so constipated.

▼ With enough imagination, even the
cramped office space could become a splendid beach.

▼ Look at the brilliant smile of a wild Mr. Sato in his natural habitat.

▼ “I often see women posing like this on their fluffy beds,
but I’d bet a cigarette I can do better.”

▼ Ladies and gentlemen, behold the new face of Japan.

▼ “If you wear glasses, let them droop to ooze sexy intelligence.”
An astute observation, Mr. Sato…

▼ …but you’ll need a little more practice.

▼ He decided to test the ever popular “leaning-against-the-wall” pose…

▼ …and it turned out looking like he was waiting in line outside a ramen shop.

“Will I get scouted by a talent agency?” mused a happy Mr. Sato as he walked away for a toilet break to gain more selfie inspiration. Although he might be handsome enough to be a charming host club host, it may be some time before our intrepid reporter becomes Japan’s next top model.

But for now, Mr. Sato has certainly won our hearts.

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