The special headset delivers a Japanese sweet into your mouth in real-time as this “once-in-a-millenium beauty” feeds it to you.

In Japan, marketing campaigns come in many wondrous forms. Whether it’s huggable plushies on pylons at the station, Pocky chocolate flavours turned into handsome anime men, or limited-time jingles played at Tokyo train stations, no idea is too crazy to become a reality when it comes to promoting your brand.

Now one of the country’s most popular chewy candies, Puccho, is stepping up to the plate with a new campaign featuring a specially designed set of 4-D goggles which automatically feeds you one of their bite-sized sweets in the real world at the exact same time as it’s fed to you by a schoolgirl in the virtual world.

The star schoolgirl who appears inside the headset is Kanna Hashimoto, a 19-year-old Japanese idol whose beauty is so rare she’s been dubbed a “once-in-a-millenium idol” by Japanese fans.

▼ To see how the 4-D headset works, take a look at the promotional video below.

In the clip, Hashimoto holds out the sweet while saying, “Puccho aan”, with the “aan” referring to the “ahh” open-mouth prompt commonly used by parents when feeding children.

▼ These are some of the Puccho sweets proffered by Hashimoto.

Headset users can enjoy eating the sweets in three different classroom scenarios which, if these boys’ reactions are anything to go by, promises to be a thrilling experience.

As part of the campaign, two lucky people will be chosen by lottery to receive a headset each. To enter the draw, simply follow the official Puccho Twitter account and then retweet the below tweet before 6 May.

Puccho will also be broadcasting television commercials nationwide from 10 March to help spread the word about the unusual competition, with Hashimoto appearing outside of the classroom in a variety of different environments.

Take a look at one of the new ads below:

Even if you’re not one of the lucky two selected to receive one of the unique headsets, there’s no stopping you from closing your eyes and biting into one of the chewy sweets while picturing Hashimoto in one of her many “Puccho-aan” scenarios.

And if that’s not enough, there’s plenty more ads featuring the “once-in-a-millenium” beauty to keep you entertained. Having already appeared in ads for Softbank and Nissin Cup Noodle, this Japanese idol’s star power shows no signs of stopping!

Source, images: PR Times