Japanese candy

How does KitKat Japan’s Adult Sweetness flavor stack up to other fan favorites?【Taste test】

What does “adult sweetness” even mean? We’ll explain.

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Japanese convenience store creates a frappe from a popular candy

Family Mart frappes are becoming more iconic by the day.

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Japanese candy company make tearful, heartfelt apology for raising their prices… by US$0.07

Puchi Puchi Uranai will raise their prices by an extra ten whole yen.

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Japanese sweets box from Amazon Japan is a treasure trove of dagashi nostalgia

A treasure chest filled with cute and nostalgic Japanese sweets!

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Nerunerunerune for Adults: Japanese candy tugs at our reporter’s nostalgia…and taste buds

As it turns out, eating fun DIY candy doesn’t have to stop when you become an adult.

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‘Butter mochi’ flavoured chocolate may be the best kind of Tirol we’ve ever tasted

We can’t believe it’s not butter, and that it’s actually chocolate-y goodness!

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Kyoto’s most famous confectionary in a chewy form – we try Yatsuhashi gummy candy

Want to get your yatsuhashi fix but live too far away from Kyoto? We’ve got the answer for you!

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Japanese schoolgirl feeds sweets to fans via 4-D VR headsets 【Video】

The special headset delivers a Japanese sweet into your mouth in real-time as this “once-in-a-millenium beauty” feeds it to you.

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Japanese candy maker announces new “hot cola gum” to meet demand that probably doesn’t exist

Anyone who has tried salty watermelon Pepsi, yogurt-flavored water or whitebait ice cream can tell you that the Japanese love weird flavors. If it’s new and outlandish, the Japanese market wants to get a taste.

I can only assume that’s what confectioner Lotte was banking on with their newest creation, because there surely couldn’t have been that many voices clamoring for hot cola chewing gum!

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Tokyo’s Irina Churns Out Some Amazingly Colorful Roll Cakes

Bright pink polka dots, zebra print, and purple stripes are printed on these oblong objects.  They look so showy and colorful, but what could they be?  A handkerchief?  A fancy sponge?

Believe it or not, these colorful circles are roll cakes (rolled sponge cake and cream filling), and yes, they are edible.  They’re so cute and tiny we could eat a hundred of them, but the sad realization that we can’t sit around all day snacking on these beautiful pastries without gaining some junk in the trunk has got us down.  At 271 yen (US $3.47) for one mini roll cake, these little guys will slim down your wallet while expanding your waist.

You can find these sweets at irina, a bakery that specializes in roll cakes.  Our reporter visited irina’s Ginza store to check out these amazing little pastries.

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