Anime heroine’s transformation item really can change the way you look.

For a good portion of her anime adventures, when seemingly ordinary schoolgirl Usagi Tsukino needs to spring into action, she whips out her Cosmic Heart Compact to transform into Sailor Moon. In real life, such magical transformations aren’t actually possible, but nonetheless there is a way for fans of the franchise to use the Cosmic Heart Compact to change their appearance.

High-end anime merchandiser Premium Bandai has begun taking preorders for the latest addition to its Miracle Romance line of Sailor Moon-themed cosmetics, and this time the makeup comes housed in a recreation of the Cosmic Heart Compact (which also served as the inspiration for the recently announced Sailor Moon smartphone).

Flip open the cover, and inside you’ll find a supply of rouge.

The made-in-Japan rouge is two-toned and arranged in a marbled pattern, so that you can mix the shades to your liking to produce the desired tone for your cheeks. The inner lid also has a glass mirror attached to it, to assist you in fine-tuning the application and checking the result.

In a nod to the anime’s five original Sailor Senshi, the blush is made with five special extracts: peony root extract, mallow flower, apple, ivy, and arnica, which together provide moisturizing and skin conditioning benefits.

The Cosmic Heart Compact is priced at 4,104 yen (US$37) and can be ordered here through the Premium Bandai website, with shipping scheduled for September.

Source: @Press
Images: Premium Bandai
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