Who can resist those smooshy faces and all-too-cute tongues?

Some people claim that Disneyland is their version of heaven on earth. Others argue that Japanese depachika are more worthy of that title. If you ask us, however, it’s neither of those places–instead, paradise is wherever in the northern Japanese city of Sendai that the following adorable trio of Shiba Inu siblings happen to live.

The Shib sibs (oops, has that nickname already been taken by a pair of figure skaters…?) even have their own Twitter account, @yumatsuyamas, though we presume they get some help with typing from their human family members. The oldest brother is named Hinata, and he’s mostly black in color. The second brother is Aoi, and he’s also mostly black. The youngest brother is named Sora and he’s a reddish hue. Hinata and Aoi are 7 years old, while Sora is 6. Despite the small age difference, we’d pretty confident that we can see the family resemblance:

▼ They even lick their chops in synchronized order!

Even more impressive to us is the fact that they don’t seem to mind pressing their faces so closely against one another like that. Would you enjoy doing that with your own siblings? We think not.

Also note that the boys have many innate talents, including being masters of stealth…

…head-butting (literally)…

…and symmetrical sleeping.

If you’re feeling a bit down that three dogs have more social media followers than you, it gets even worse–they even have their own official photographic collection as well as an online shop of merchandise:

▼ “Do these cushions make us look fat?”

Feeling downright in the doghouse yet?

If you want to see more of their adorable sibling antics, be sure to follow Hinata, Aoi, and Sora on Twitter or Instagram for your daily dose of delight.

Source: Twitter/@yumatsuyamas
Featured image: Twitter/@yumatsuyamas