What should you do when your customers take your extra large fried food portions for granted? Wear a poster pointing it out is one chef’s answer.

When you do something nice for someone (or get a haircut), you at least hope that they notice, and a thank you wouldn’t go amiss either. One Japanese chef and restaurant manager waited more than a week for his customers to realise something was different with one of the items on the menu, and then, rather than say anything directly, decided to let them know with a printed note stuck to his back.

At first glance it might appear to be an exceptionally long appeal to the person reading to do him the kindness of connecting the end of one of their lower limbs with his backside, but the note actually reads:

‘We’ve made the prawns inside the fried prawn substantially bigger, even though the price has remained the same!’

While the tweet also suggests the boss is the owner of an IQ of only 30, you might want to take that with a pinch of salt, and a squeeze of lemon.

The photo was taken at Marukatsu, a restaurant in Nara that specializes in tonkatsu (pork cutlet), but serves other fried foods as well. According to the restaurant’s Twitter account (@marukatsunara), the deep-fried prawns, or shrimp (which, until we get to count how many pairs of legs have claws, will remain unclear), were larger than their predecessors, more delicious goodness for the same price. However, even if Marukatsu’s customers had noticed, they clearly hadn’t said so. The ebi furai fried prawns should have had customers rejoicing vocally, especially as even at normal size they’re well worth the 250 yen (US$2.24) asked (those are Marukatsu’s fried prawns pictured at the top of this article), but no.

Some Japanese claim to be able to communicate and understand each other with a minimum of communication, like a type of telepathy formed from an innate understanding of situations and how they should act. If such a thing does exist, it doesn’t extend to wordlessly thanking the chef for his generosity, or passively-aggressively complaining to customers about their ingratitude. Let’s hope that other customers also noticed the lengths the chef had gone to in order to enlighten his patrons to this noble man embiggening the smallest shrimp. It would be nice to think that his entire clientele wore signs on their chests next time they visited thanking him for the arthropodic increase, at no additional cost. And at least they paid for it, unlike at least one diner at a restaurant in Fukuoka.

And should you wish to thank the poor chap personally, there’s always the option of stopping by the restaurant yourself.

Restaurant information:
Name: Marukatsu / まるかつ
Address: Nara-ken, Nara-shi, Kodonocho 667-1
Open: 11 a.m.-3 p.m. and 5 p.m.-10 p.m.

Source: Twitter/@marukatsunara via Jin115
Featured image: Twitter/@marukatsunara
Top image: Marukatsu