Japanese chef gives customers a subtle hint to say thanks, by putting a sign on his back

What should you do when your customers take your extra large fried food portions for granted? Wear a poster pointing it out is one chef’s answer.

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Laze about the house like a piece of tempura with the Fried Prawn Wearable Sleeping Bag!

Whether you’re looking for an unusual Halloween costume or a cosy outfit to snuggle up in, this crazy bread-crumbed number will make all your fried food fantasies come true!

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Mr. Sato sacrifices his hands on the altar of all-you-can-eat shrimp

We all have foods that we love perhaps a little more than we should, but for Mr. Sato, a man whose love of food in general has taken him on many a colorful, abdomen-abusing adventure risking his health and even his sanity, the gustatory passion that tops all others is shellfish. So when he headed off to report on an all-you-can-eat shrimp restaurant for us, we feared for his life.

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