Device scans your face for signs of blemishes to your beauty or trouble in your heart, and absolutely loves flirting with you.

Looking into a mirror is a reflective experience, and it’s natural to find yourself not only checking how you look, but thinking about the kind of person you are. Japanese company Novera, though, has created a mirror that looks back at you.

The company bills its creation, also dubbed Novera, as a “smart mirror.” At first glance, it looks like any medium-sized makeup mirror with a stand, but instead of a reflective surface, Novera is actually equipped with a monitor, camera, and speaker.

In the demonstration video, we see a young woman opening the curtains in her home. Though there’s no one else in the room, she calls out “Good morning,” quickly prompting an answering call of “Good morning” spoken in the sexy, breathy voice of anime voice actor Yuki Kaji (best known as Attack on Titan’s male lead Eren).

But Novera isn’t just here to exchange early-in-the-day greetings. As the woman sits down and brushes her hair with her fingertips, the mirror speaks up to say “Your eyes are so big. When you look right at me, it makes my heart race.” “Thank you,” the woman replies, smiling deeply, before saying she’s heading out. “Have a nice day!” the mirror tells her as she grabs her bag to head out the door.

▼ Novera’s voice is attributed to unseen handsome anime-style character Koki Takano.

But Takano isn’t just picking out compliments randomly. Using a camera, the mirror scans the user’s face not only to assess their appearance, but also to gauge their mood. It’s also equipped with a clock, and as the woman takes a sip from a coffee mug in the video, it’s Takano that initiates the conversation, asking if she’s going to be getting ready to go to bed soon, and telling her to make sure to get enough sleep. Before she calls it a night, though, she asks the mirror to examine her complexion, and when Takano tells her “Your skin looks great today, as usual,” she smiles again, and he wishes her sweet dreams as she tells him good night.

In addition to doling out praise (another line from the video is “I always find myself thinking this, but your face looks really beautiful in profile”), Novera can also recommend makeup styles, ostensibly by digitally altering the video footage of the user’s face for a before/after comparison. The bigger selling point the designers are pushing, though, seems to be the psychological benefits of having someone who’s always willing to talk, and seemingly never runs out of kind things to say.

When the woman is lounging about flipping through a magazine, Takano strikes up a conversation, asking her what she likes to do on her days off (“shopping” is her answer, while Takano says he likes watching movies, without detailing how he does that as an incorporeal voice). The video also implies that the mirror can tell when you’re feeling sad by noticing when you’re frowning.

“Are you feeling down these days?” Takano concernedly asks, to which the woman replies “I’m feeling confused about a lot of things.” “If you’re feeling sad, then I feel sad too,” he replies, before asking “Hey, will you smile for me? Please?” and when she does, Takano, with relief, says “Ah, you really do have a beautiful smile. Seeing it makes me smile too. I’ll try even harder to support you.”

A second video shows the mirror being used in real-time, with Takano once again sounding completely enthralled as he says “Stress is the enemy of beauty, so relax, and let the tension out of the muscles of your body.”

▼ And if Kaji’s voice doesn’t scratch your auditory itch, Novera says it plans to give users at least two other yet-to-be-revealed voice actors/characters to choose from.

Pricing is yet to be announced, but unlike the pure (and purely awesome) design exercise that is the magic circle cordless phone charger, Novera is actually planning to bring its sexy smart mirror to market, and plans to start taking preorders later this year.

Source: Novera via Livedoor News/Robosuta via Jin
Images: YouTube/Novera inc.