Bandai Spirits will make you spend all of your money to win these Cardcaptor Sakura goods.

Cardcaptor Sakura-themed cosmetics are the latest installment of Bandai Spirits’ Cosmetic Ichiban Kuji to be released on November 24, 2018. For 780 yen (US$6.91), you can draw a kuji, or lottery ticket, out of a box that will have one of five prize categories (A, B, C, D, or E) printed on it. You hand your ticket to a staff member, and, ta da!  You get a prize. While 780 yen may seem like a steep price for just one go, the good part is that you’re guaranteed to win something.

The A prize is a cute eye shadow palette inspired by the spirits in Cardcaptor Sakura. The inside includes a picture of Sakura herself. There’s only one color palette for this prize.

▼ It also comes with a mini brush!

The B prize is the Sparkling Magic Body Powder. This beige powder is appropriate for both your work life and your private life, absorbing moisture and oil to make your skin look smooth and fresh. This product also comes in just one shade.

▼ Honestly, the jar looks cute enough to just as a decoration.

The C prize is a face color set based on, you guessed it, a light pink sakura cherry blossomThese cream-type face colors can be used as eye shadow, blush, or highlighter.

▼ Are those Sakura and Syaoran’s bears on the case? Yep.

The D prize is one of three shades of Cardcaptor Sakura lip gloss. You can win a gloss in either bordeaux red, smoky pink, or a subtle pearl color.

▼ The shades are based on the Clow Cards, Sakura Cards, and Clear Cards used in the series.

The E prize is one of ten shades of eye shadow. Each case has a different card design.

▼ If you want to collect them all, you’d better enlist the help of some friends or the Money Fairy.

You can also win an additional “last one” prize by being the last one pull a kuji at any individual location. This prize is an adorable coffret pouch with an original Cardcaptor Sakura design on it.

▼ Use it to store all of the other prizes you won!

The Bandai Spirits Ichiban Kuji are available at convenience stores (Family Mart, Circle K, Sunkus, Lawson, Mini Stop, Daily Yamazaki), bookstores, hobby shops, Animate, and game centers throughout Japan. If you’re feeling lucky, save up until November 24 and give it a shot!

Source: @Press via IT Media
Images: @Press