The strange seasonal surprise hanging from the ceiling of this station in rural Japan【Photos】

Nakanojo welcomes you to Gunma with a beautiful local tradition you won’t find at any other station in Japan.

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Japanese study shows that persimmon tannin juice may render the coronavirus harmless

But wait – don’t run to the supermarket just yet! It’s a little complicated.

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New Danone yoghurts contain Japanese matcha, hojicha and persimmon, wrapped in special packaging

Exclusive “Wa Selection” range pays homage to some of Japan’s most beloved traditional flavours.

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Taste-testing Japan’s crazy-expensive 3,240-yen (US$29) persimmon

We bought one of Japan’s shockingly expensive gift fruits as a gift for ourselves.

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Old-school vending machine on Japan’s Sado Island sells bags of rare and local fruit

One of the many things we love about Japan is its impressive variety of vending machines. We’ve seen everything from orange juice that looks like soy sauce to cans of hot, clam-packed miso soup make its way to the hands of customers through the wonders of mechanised distribution.

Recently, we stumbled on a machine we’d never seen before, and one that’s unique even by Japanese standards. Meet the persimmon vending box that delights customers on Sado Island with a rare variety of fruit that’s only grown locally, away from mainland Japan.

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