Designers’ hard work lets you feel better than ever before while doing absolutely nothing.

Winter is just around the corner, which means it’s time to strap on those skis, head to the Sapporo Snow Festival, or venture out to see beautiful Christmas decorations.

Or, alternatively, it’s time to spend as much time as possible bunkered in your home, avoiding the cold, until spring comes. If that’s the camp you’re in, your wardrobe selection has now been made, thanks to Japan’s Bibi Lab.

The quirky company has just begun taking orders for the new 2019 edition of its signature product: the Damegi. An extra-warm zip-up bodysuit, this year’s unisex Damegi promises to be cozier than ever, thanks to a handful of improvements over previous versions.

Responding to customer feedback, Bibi Lab has improved the fit and material of the garment. The sleeves have been changed to a raglan design, with a single piece that runs from cuff to collar, for easier movement and to prevent the fabric from catching. Below the waist, the legs are now a billowier sarouel style, which allows you to raise your arms without pulling the crotch up so much that it mashes against your groin.

And course, if you’re feeling lazy enough to put on a Damegi, you’re probably not feeling industrious enough to clean the house. So to help keep the mess to a minimum, the fleece used for the 2019 version is less prone to balling and leaving bits of fuzz on your furniture or floor, while still being as warm as ever.

Popular returning features include four different hood/mask configurations, which Bibi Lab now calls the Headgear 1.1 system. Full-Face Mode is the warmest, whereas Ninja Mode lets you actually see the world around you, Mask Mode reveals the top of your head, and Greeting Mode stows away all of the above-neck accouterments.

Similarly, the Variable Mitten 1.1 allows you to select between one of four setups: the fully enclosed Mitten Mode, thumb-out Smartphone Mode that allows for the use of touchscreen devices, all-digit-displaying Gaming Mode for when you need to use a controller, and, for the ultimate in manual dexterity, the completely uncovered Multi Mode.

And, perhaps most importantly, the Damegi allows you to go to the bathroom without taking the garment off, thanks to the Use the Toilet While You’re Wearing it System 4.0. By unzipping the section that covers your backside, you can clear a path to the toilet, and with the prevalence of heated toilet seats in Japan, as long as you’re sitting down to do your business, your entire body can remain warm throughout the process.

The 2019 Demagi can be ordered from online retailers including Amazon and Village Vanguard, with prices hovering around 6,800 yen (US$60).

Source, images: Bibi Lab
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