Animal Crossing: New Horizons joins Japanese fashion line Gelato Pique for cute, comfy PJs

You’ll be snug as a Nook in a rug with these adorable, fashionable collaboration items!

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Japanese designer kickstarts glamorous, comfy roomwear fashioned after yukata worn at hot springs

This crowdfunding effort is for anyone who wants to recline at home in the luxury of a silky onsen yukata.

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These comfy pajama suits are for the gamers! Wrap up warm as you rack up points

The Damegi 4G series comes with a bunch of cushy features to keep your extremities toasty warm.

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Crotch improvement makes Japan’s new 2019 Damegi roomwear lazier and cozier than ever【Photos】

Designers’ hard work lets you feel better than ever before while doing absolutely nothing.

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Clever Kimonoket combines the style of a kimono with the coziness of a sleeveless blanket

Samurai-style Snuggie seeks to help travelers fly in comfort.

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Sandwiched Between Twintails Pillow: For if you don’t know to hug your pillow or let it hug you

We’ve talked before about Japan’s love affair with gigantic hug pillows. Even if they’re not covered with pictures of your anime or celebrity crush, dakimakura, as they’re called in Japanese, have a number of physiological advantages, as well as the psychological benefits some people reap from having something to hold as they sleep.

Of course, some people also feel more secure and relaxed being held as they sleep, which is why Japan has a new, double-pronged huggy pillow that can hug you back.

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