You do not want to mess with these Sailor Senshi.

Even five years after its release, Monster Strike’s intriguing combination of monster collecting and physics-based puzzle mechanics continues to make it one of the most popular smartphone games in Japan.

The collection aspect of the game attracts a mostly male audience, a point that developer Mixi seems intent on rectifying by launching a collaboration with an iconic anime series popular with girls: Sailor Moon. YouTube channel XFLAG recently published a video ad that focuses on crossing the great gender divide in the name of entertainment.

▼ This ad makes a Monster Strike x Sailor Moon collaboration
seem like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

In the promotion video that features more than half the cast crossdressing, comedy duo Kazureza and Natsu Ando pose stylishly as Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars respectively, while model Ryucheru portrays Sailor Mercury. Taya Raimu, the only person not crossdressing, plays Sailor Jupiter. Standing on stone pedestals with a full moon behind them, the ad begins with a spoken line:

▼ “Sailor Moon is for girls and Monster Strike is for boys. Isn’t that old-fashioned?”
says a rather striking Sailor Moon.

▼ “Both boys and girls wish to transform,” quips Sailor Mercury.

▼ “If you enjoy it, then that’s all that matters,” a gallant Sailor Jupiter replies.

▼ The video closes with a “fun is also gender-free” message.

▼ A behind-the-scenes video of the ad can be seen below.

The collaboration event is already underway, allowing Monster Strike players to obtain eleven characters from the Sailor Moon universe including Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Mask, members of the Dark Kingdom, and even Queen Beryl.

The promotion video drives home the message that fans of either franchises can enjoy both worlds on the same platform regardless of gender, wielding the mighty power of the moon to smash evil monsters in an addictive puzzle game.

▼ Collect them all before it ends on 2 December.

Kudos to the Monster Strike marketing team for choosing the right people in creating this eye-catching ad. Very few men can pull off an awesome Sailor Moon cosplay, and though LadyBeard can give most a run for their money, we think Kazureza featured in the video has to be one of the most handsome Sailor Senshi out there.

Source: Monster Strike via YouTube/XFlag, Otakomu
Top image: YouTube/XFlag
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