Relax your body and improve your Poké-knowledge at the same time.

Despite its well-deserved reputation as a very busy society, Japan loves long, leisurely baths. After all, in the Japanese style you wash your body before you step into the tub, so you’re really soaking just to relax anyway.

Because of this, it’s common for hot springs resorts to cover their walls with murals to gaze at, but Twitter user @lexia980’s home bathroom has something even better than a mosaic of Mt. Fuji for bathers to contemplate.

“My home bath has turned into a Pokédex” @lexia980 proudly tweeted, along with a selection of snapshots showing the special space. Each piece of tile has a single sticker, showing a Pokémon species, perfectly centered in the square.

Sticklers may notice that the order in which the Pokémon appear doesn’t align perfectly with their official Pokédex numbers, and also that a few species, like franchise mascot Pikachu, make multiple appearances. That’s because @lexia980’s family didn’t acquire the stickers in a bundled set. The decorations are all freebies that were included with individually packaged Pokémon pastries, which means that her family aren’t just huge fans of cute anime/video game characters, but sweet baked goods as well.

▼ There are so many Pokémon that some commenters even started seeing Pocket Monsters that weren’t actually there, like when these wall hooks got mistaken for the majestic wings of Legendry Pokémon Ho-Oh.

In addition to the Pocket Monsters themselves, a few of the franchise’s human characters made the cut as well, including protagonist Ash, wise Professor Oak, and May.

Surprisingly, even Hello Kitty shows up, though it’s not clear if she secured a spot on the Pokédex walls before @lexia980’s family decided on their decorating theme, or because they’re keeping their fingers crossed for a Santio/Pokémon crossover.

With the total number of Pokémon now at over 800, and the roster getting bigger with every new game in the series, it’s a good thing Kitty-chan already has her space, though, because they’re probably going to be hard to come by from here on out.

Source: Twitter/@lexia980 via Jin

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