The model son of a Japanese pro baseball star steps out from his father’s shadow with a look all his own.

Former Yomiuri Giants pro-baseball player Masumi Kuwata is a well-known name in Japan. The right-handed pitcher began his professional career with the Giants in 1986, at the age of 18, and even played part of a season with Major League Baseball team Pittsburgh Pirates towards the end of his career in 2008.

The legendary baseball player also has two sons, 26-year-old Masaki, who plays for an independent minor baseball league team in Japan, and 24-year-old Masashi, a bridal model who goes by the name of “Matt“.

While Matt’s status as the son of a famous sportsman has seen him make occasional appearances on TV talk shows over the years, the model is now attracting attention for his appearance, which has changed dramatically since his adolescent school days.

There’s been a lot of discussion online about how Matt went from Japanese schoolboy to pale-skinned doll, as he now looks more like a handsome fantasy anime character from another world.

While Matt himself hasn’t officially addressed plastic surgery rumours, the model has been open about his love of beauty products and salon treatments.

▼ Eyes are kept looking fresh with lash extensions.

▼ While eyelash serum is used to help promote lash growth.

▼ After all, an eyelash model needs to looks after his lashes.

▼ Here he is at Shinobu Dermatology, where he maintains his skin with ascorbic acid treatments.

▼ Matt is also a fan of the Light Beauty Este salon at Ginza.

▼ While Matt has chosen to walk a different path in life to his father, the two still share a close bond.

As people in Japan gush over Matt’s ethereal beauty and “Foreign Prince” look, Matt is happy to share his beauty tips with his followers. And while he’s not the only living doll we’ve seen in recent years, he’s definitely had one of the most stunning transformations, and is now a perfect contender to appear in a Touken Ranbu film.

Featured image: Instagram/matt_kuwata_official
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