Corgis never made much sense to begin with, but Chikuwa-kun really takes the cake for strange behavior here. 

Ah, the majestic corgi. A favorite of English monarchs, down-on-their-luck space cowboys, and regular Japanese households, the furry little butt-wagglers have been inspiring Photoshop battles and sending us confused signals for as long as we can remember.

Case in point: Meet Chikuwa (@chikuwa20140325), a 4-year-old floppy-eared, tri-colored corgi named who presumably employs a human or two for Twitter account maintenance. Chikuwa, whose name refers to a kind of fish cake often found in Japanese simmered dishes, is similar to other corgis and doggos in general by being scared of the vacuum cleaner and loving to go on walks. He also has a darn cute corgi butt.

▼ “His face when I told him to put the bone down because we were going for a walk.”

▼ Obligatory corgi butt shot

However, he does have one unusual hobby that’s left us positively scratching our heads in simultaneous puzzlement and amusement. Chikuwa recently achieved internet stardom from this short video that shows him growling defensively at his human underling’s hand when it approaches his food bowl. Quite relatable, of course, as everyone is likely to feel the same when their friends try to swipe some fries from their plate. But what happens next is strangely unexpected:

▼ “Because protecting his food is a hobby of his, I’ve just gotta pretend to steal it.”

Watch as the hand swoops in, followed by some snarling and a decisive bark. Surprisingly, however, Chikuwa doesn’t proceed to chow down at that point–instead, he nudges the hand and the vicious cycle repeats itself again and again! It definitely seems like he’s trying to instigate trouble on purpose…

▼ Chikuwa doin’ a snooze. We imagine simultaneous food defense and trouble-making must be a particularly tiring hobby.

Net users were greatly amused in their reactions to Chikuwa’s antics:

“He’s definitely defending it to the death.”
“It’s like he’s just begging for his food to be stolen!”
“I love the contrast in his face when he’s defending the food vs. when he’s asking for trouble.”
“I suppose he just wants to play, but that’s certainly a fresh take on fun!”
“He’s what you’d call ‘food aggressive,’ whereas our dog is food defensive.'”

Regardless of Chikuwa’s actual motivation behind this strange game, our original thesis still stands strong: corgis still don’t make any sense, no matter which way we try to spin it, which is part of what makes them so great.

Source: Twitter/@chikuwa20140325 via Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter/@chikuwa20140325
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