Our adventurous reporters previously tried a plate of Coco Ichiban Curry with everything on it, and this time we decided to follow that up with an order of Domino’s Pizza with all the toppings on it. But we didn’t order just a regular pizza with all the toppings; that would be too simple.

No, we ordered a Triple Mille-Feuille crust pizza with all the toppings! The Triple Mille-Feuille crust consists of three layers of thin ultra crispy crust with plenty of cheese sandwiched in between. So, we placed our order and waited to see what the pizza would be like.

The pizza arrived in about 30 minutes, and the delivery staff handed us the pizza with the following words of caution: “It’s very heavy, so please be careful.” Really? How heavy can a pizza be? Well, it turns out that the pizza really was heavy, almost like liron weights! Well, this was no ordinary pizza, it was an “all the toppings on it” pizza, after all – certainly no light weight.

We eagerly opened the newly arrived box of pizza to find the thickest, heaviest pizza we had ever seen. The double cheese topping on top of the two layers of cheese between the layers of crust created a strong aroma that was seriously stirring up our appetites!

We took a slice of the pizza in our hands. There was so much cheese and topping on it that everything almost fell off, but the cheese somehow held it all together. We carried the pizza to our mouths and took a bite and – wow, the pizza was incredibly tasty!!

The crust was juicy and moist from all the toppings, and combined with the cheese, the entire pizza had an amazingly soft texture. And because of the multiple layers of cheese, the pizza was not just soft but there was a richness of flavor you cannot get with regular pizza. Seriously, the taste and flavor were so delightful that it almost made us faint in ecstasy!

What was particularly extraordinary about the pizza was the texture of the vegetable toppings. Because the cheese and crust were soft, the crunchy texture of the vegetable toppings really stood out. It truly was a remarkable pizza, and what’s more, it tasted good even cold. We would recommend anyone trying the pizza to leave at least one slice to try cold.

We hope you give this absolutely delicious and filling pizza a try. It really is the ultimate pizza. We think that ordering it with the Triple Mille-Feuille is the best, but all the toppings on a regular crust is good too. (Believe us, we’ve tried it.) Why not try it at work with your colleagues? It should be a fun and tasty experience that will give you something to talk about!

Photo and video: RocketNews24

See the triple layers of crust and the two layers of cheese in between.

The large size Triple Mille-Feuille pizza with all the toppings cost 11,262yen (approximately $140)

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