Perfectly recreated bride’s dress, Moogle desserts, and wedding Chocobo are all part of the package.

The summer wedding rush is just around the corner, with betrothed women across Japan looking forward to becoming June brides. And now, thanks to a very special wedding plan, they can be Final Fantasy brides too

Video game developer Square Enix and wedding chapel operator Bridal Heart first announced their partnership back in December, and they’ve now begun taking reservations for the Final Fantasy Wedding Plan, as well as released a slew of photos showing what couples and their guests can expect.

To start with, the bride’s gown and groom’s tuxedo are exact recreations of the garb in-game adventurers wear in the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding, as per the customs of Final Fantasy XIV’s realm of Eorzea. The clothing and accessories were all produced by oversight from the game’s development team, to ensure the utmost fidelity in design, and yes, you and your beloved can walk down the aisle carrying fantasy weaponry.

The ceremony will feature Final Fantasy visuals and music as well, and the theming continues with the reception, where a regally barded wedding Chocobo will be posted.

Final Fantasy’s crystal motif is present in both the table settings and cocktails…

…and Moogle macarons look like the sweetest treat inspired by the adorable creatures since the Moogle honey toast we ate at the Final Fantasy restaurant in Tokyo’s Akihabara.

Of course, there’s a full-size wedding cake as well, and a suitably impressive piece of cutlery to slice it with.

▼ Note the Chocobo and Cactuar cookies the cake is adored with.

And when it’s time for the wedding toast, what better beverage is their to raise a glass of than Chocobo champagne?

In Japan, it’s common for wedding guests to receive cookies on their way home, and these too are based on Final Fantasy creatures, such as the blue Carbuncle.

Other awesome touches include a Final Fantasy wedding certificate and marriage registration form.

The Final Fantasy wedding plan is being offered by Bridal Heart’s Duexzero in Kobe, and reservations/inquiries can be made here, unless you’re still trying to decide between this and Japan’s Pokémon wedding plan.

Source: Duexzero, PR Times
Top image: Duexzero
Insert images: Duexzero, PR Times
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