Gives new meaning to “noodling around on the guitar.”

For years now artist-inventor Shota Mori has treated us with an array of utterly random projects from making a girlfriend out of plastic bottles to choreographing samurai jet-pack battles. But more recently he has begun the Original Guitar YouTube channel in which he builds an original – and I mean original – guitar every week, and documents its construction in a video.

This week Mori appears to be gearing up for summer with a guitar that doubles as a nagashi somen slide. Nagashi somen is a traditional Japanese summer activity in which people pluck noodles out of water while they flow along a bamboo chute.

Mori’s goal this week was to create a guitar that not only is playable but also can be used as a nagashi somen chute, and after watching his video you can too! All you need is some bamboo, a power drill, a few pickups, and a cute cat.

Really the gist of the video is pretty simple: Mori screws a bunch of electric guitar parts onto a bamboo frame. So, a good chunk of the two-minute video is just glamour shots of his pet cat assistant.

However, the resulting guitar does sound surprisingly good as he whips off the opening chords of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Next, he flips it upside-down, runs a hose from the top, and proceeds to catch some noodles for the ultimate in single-guy-apartment-summertime-fun.

The video appears to be a hit with everyone who watches it, gathering rave review after rave review.

“I love these videos and especially the cat and the narration. Looking forward to the next one!”
“Finally! I was waiting for a new video.”
“Smells like summer spirit.”
“Great editing, DIY skills, and humor…and the cat!!! You’re going places.”
“That’s a great idea!”
“Mori-san is very cute.”
“Great pacing! You know exactly how long to make a video.”

This is Mori’s fifth guitar in as many weeks, including a guitar made with a working Starbucks sign and a guitar that is also a giant can of kitchen cleanser, with actual powder cleanser inside.

However, he hasn’t given up on his other off-the-wall projects either such as this video of his cat randomly appearing out of an inter-dimensional wormhole.

Whatever he does, you can bet it’ll be whimsical and delightful, so be sure to subscribe to Shota Mori’s YouTube channels, especially so he can get paid. If anyone out there deserves some of that YouTube cash, it’s this guy.

Source: Twitter/@ShotaM0ri, YouTube/Original Guitar, YouTube/MoriShota, Togech
Images: YouTube/Original Guitar
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