A dark temptation arrives just in time for the summer sunshine.

Japanese fashion label Mocolle, which takes its name from a mashup of “moso” (“fantasy”) and “collection,” doesn’t like to be bound by mundane designs, and a few months ago it unveiled its latest idea: bikinis inspired by the sultry temptress demons known as succubi. Like many of Mocolle’s innovations, the company started out with a crowdfunding campaign, and if you thought Japan wasn’t going to respond to the prospect of sexy cosplay swimwear by opening its wallets at lightning speed, you haven’t been paying attention.

The succubus swimwear absolutely smashed its crowdfunding goal, raising nearly seven times what Mocolle was seeking, and the company has now parlayed that passionate support into a regular distribution deal with Village Vanguard, one of Japan’s most popular novelty goods retailers.

If you can find a moment to focus on the garment itself, you’ll see that it’s a two-piece design in sinisterly sultry black, with a number of horny touches, like the horns sticking up from the waistline of the bottom and on the corners of the included hair band. There’s also a clip-on tail, but the most dynamic aspects are on the bikini top, which features a pair of shoulder wings with wires running through them, so that the wearer can contour the devilish appendages to suit her taste and mood.

▼ There’s also a heart-shaped cut-out on the chest, because in Japan even succubi need to have a dash of cuteness.

▼ The top closes with a zipper that runs along the spine, and there’s actually a lot of coverage of the wearer’s back.

If you don’t have a Village Vanguard branch near you (or you feel a little too self-conscious to purchase such daring swimwear in person), the succubus bikini can be ordered through the chain’s online shop here, where it’s priced at 8,640 yen (US$80), a not-exorbitant price for high-fashion swimsuits in Japan. Oh, and if you’re feeling worried about all the evil energy traditionally associated with succubi, you can also pick up one of Mocolle’s Shinto shrine maiden swimsuits too, just in case you feel the need for some spiritual purification.

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: PR Times, Campfire/Mocolle
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