See what lies underneath with this sheer cosplay costume born from a busty manga sketch.

Whether you fantasise about turning yourself into a sexy soul-sucking succubus or a sweet, soul-saving shrine maiden, Japanese brand Mocolle has just the outfit for you.

Living up to their name — an amalgam of the word “mousou” (‘fantasy” or “delusion” in Japanese) and “collection” — Mocolle has now created a new costume that brings a different fantasy to life, and this time it gives you the power of X-Ray vision as well.

Simply called See-Through Maid Clothes, the part-lingerie-part-cosplay outfit was designed by Japanese costume designer Mirika, using this sketch as the impetus for the project.

The garment produced is incredibly faithful to the sketch, consisting of a sheer, see-through black one piece

▼ With white-and-black trims and cute collar-and-ribbon details.

▼ The white headband and apron are also included in the set.

According to Mocolle, the sheer, veil-like fabric is incredibly flattering for a range of body types, and is made from quality fabric that won’t irritate or itch the skin.

From far away the costume looks like an ordinary maid’s outfit, but up close the X-Ray vision kicks in, revealing the lingerie worn underneath the garment. 

Whether you choose to wear a bra and knickers or not is entirely up to you, as the apron will help to retain an element of mystery around the nether regions either way.

The See-Through Maid Clothes can currently be ordered online at Japanese retail chain Village Vanguard, where they retails for 8,250 yen (US$74.87).

Shipping is set for the end of January, which means we still have some time to make room for the new costume in amongst our jewel-cat lingerie sets and ninja bikinis.

Source, images: PR Times 
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