A uniform that goes against all the school regulations.

Japanese fashion label Mocolle — which gets its name by combining mousou, which means “fantasy” or “delusion,” with “collection” — has a history of working with artists and cosplayers to make fantasy collections a reality, and its latest release is just as eyecatching as the others that have wowed us over the years.

This time, they’re bringing out a swimsuit that combines JK (joshi kousei/high school girl) fashion with the flirty, flamboyant, flesh-revealing “gyaru” style trend, and it comes to us from the creative mind of Japanese cosplayer Chamomile.

▼ Artist @cccpo_snnk3 helped to sketch out Chamomile’s design.

▼ While Chamomile herself steps in as the model for the new outfit.

The “Gyaru JK-style swimsuit”, as it’s called, comes as a four-piece set, which includes bikini bottoms and a pleated school skirt with a slit that goes right up to the waistband.

Rounding off the set is a low-cut bikini and sheer midriff top, complete with cuffs, collar and tie-up bow to resemble a very unorthodox school blouse.

According to Chamomile, the new uniform-style swimsuit was created for those who might be concerned about getting sunburnt at the beach or exposing their arms, back or bottom in a bikini.

While the top and skirt provide a layer of cute and stylish coverage, they can also be removed for those who prefer to have their skin kissed by the sun.

▼ There are three colour options to choose from, with a blue version available…

▼ And a grey one as well.

The swimsuit is currently in pre-production with a crowdfunding campaign on Campfire, which has already proven to be a huge success, after smashing its 500,000-yen goal by 169 percent, with 58 supporters already raising 847,534 yen for the project, with 28 days left on the campaign.

Reward tiers start at 8,250 yen for the swimsuit, and go up to 60,000 yen for a set that includes all three bikinis, plus a bikini mouse pad, body pillow cover, bromides, and a signed photo and thank-you video message from Chamomile herself.

With a swimwear collection that ranges from whimsical fairytale designs through to sexy ninja bikinis, there’s no end in sight for Mocolle’s fantasy collection series. So be sure to watch this space for more upcoming releases!

Source, images: Campfire/Mocolle