daigaku imo

Class is in session with Starbucks’ new college sweet potato Frappuccino【Taste test】

A traditional autumn treat arrives as its star ingredient comes into season.

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Mister Donuts Japan to release mouthwatering sweet potato donuts to welcome a delicious autumn

This is why fall is one of the best seasons to come to Japan.

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Snack attack! This frozen treat is a little sweet, a little savory, and totally college

Everyone enjoys a good snack when they’re feeling empty, but there is definitely a difference between snacks in Japan and other Western countries. Sure, they share some common factors, like chips and candy, but in general, a snack at a convenience store in Japan would consist of either rice balls or Japanese bread. There is so much variety that you don’t even know where to start looking. But have you ever ventured over to the frozen food section looking for a snack? We don’t mean the freezer where all the ice cream is, but actually the frozen meals section. Hiding in there is a pretty fantastic snack that is hopefully in your local 7-eleven right now!

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