Unexpected post-typhoon scene in Japan is so beautiful it looks like something from a movie.

Typhoon Hagibis tore through Japan on the weekend, dumping torrential rain on a large swathe of the country, causing rivers to rise in a number of areas and turning cities into ghost towns as people sheltered indoors against the storm.

While a large number of residences were forced to deal with the aftermath of the typhoon when they woke in the morning, for those fortunate enough to make it through the night unscathed, the next day brought with it stunning clear skies, commonly known as “taifu ikka” (“clear weather after a typhoon has passed“).

Many people were thankful for the chance to stretch their legs outside after a fretful day indoors, and one of those people, Twitter user @nextstage_002, was particularly grateful as they got to witness a rare and unusual sight that was so charming and wonderful it played out like a scene from a Studio Ghibli film.

Take a look at the gorgeous video below:

The clip shows a family of boars making their way out of the Tone River, rambling up a slope together with the sunlight glistening on their wet backs.

The first boar then stops for a moment on the path directly in front of the camera, prompting us to hold our breath for a moment as we wonder if they’ll charge at the person filming them.

The group is less interested in the camera and more interested in the wide expanse of nature in front of them, though, so they make their way down the other side of the path. The boars can then be seen hurtling off into the distance, and the sweeping long-distance shot shows them galloping off towards the horizon, the reflection of their bodies running with them over flooded rice paddies as the orange sun gleams behind them.

People online immediately fell in love with the clip, and it wasn’t long before it received over 347,000 likes, 127,000 retweets, and 7 million views, with comments like:

“Boars are such good swimmers, they can swim about 20 kilometres with no problem.”
“This is like something from the Lion King!”
“I love the little one trying to keep up behind everybody.”
“Wild boars look so strong!”
“This moved me so much. I love seeing them battling to survive in spite of the bad weather conditions.”
“I feel like I”m watching Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke in real life!”

It’s true that the barrelling boars look very much like the ones in the Studio Ghibli anime feature film Princess Mononoke. One Twitter user added to the Ghibli theme as well, with another image of nature in the midst of an urban environment.

Princess Mononoke‘s Forest Spirit Shishigami spotted in Gunma.

The clips are a beautiful reminder of nature persevering today, in spite of whatever Mother Nature throws at them, and the built-up environment that surrounds them.

Although, we do have to admit, this is a much nicer look at nature than the post-typhoon scenes in downtown Tokyo where rats of all shapes and sizes came out to play.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@nextstage_002
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