Crimvael’s Super-Thick Sausage is ready to leave a special taste in the mouth of fans of the fantasy anime series.

While it may or may not be the most popular anime of the new TV season, Interspecies Reviewers is certainly the most censored. That’s honestly not a surprising title for the show to claim, though, considering that it follows a trio of wanderers in a fantasy realm who aren’t on a quest to save a kingdom or slay a dragon, but to sleep with as many different types of monster girl as they can.

Interspecies Reviewers

Yes, Interspecies Reviewers is a series that asks “What if a fantasy world not only had monster girl brothels, but so many of them that people would need a written guide to navigate the menagerie of for-rent bed buddies?” And so each episode sees human Stunk, elf Zel, and angel Crimvael doing a deep dive into a new aspect of monster prostitution in a world where the sex trade is somehow apparently devoid of coercion, exploitation, or health risks (which may be the farthest-fetched thing about the whole series).

Thanks to a unique but thoroughly realized concept, plus more fan service than you can shake a di-, I mean stick, at, Interspecies Reviewers has been a solid hit so far, and in another sign of its success, it’s getting a themed cafe that’s opening this week, with a menu of food and drink inspired by scenes and situations from the anime.

For example, the extra-creamy Milky Café is a café au lait with a spherical swirl of cream at the top, to bring back memories of Stunk, Zel, and Crimveal’s trip to a minotaur-girl brothel where the staff was particularly chesty. Likewise, the Mysterious Light is a shimmering blue non-alcoholic cocktail that’s a callback to the trio’s time at an establishment run by will-o’-the-wisps.

So far there are only two food items that have been revealed, one of which is inspired by the episode where the gang visits a fairy brothel, only to learn that Crimvael is so well-endowed that none of the petite fairy employees can accommodate the angel’s girth. To commemorate that moment, the Interspecies Reviewers Cafe will be offering diners the chance to stick Crimvael’s Super-Thick Sausage into their mouths.

The oddly shaped onion ring represents Crimveal’s broken halo, while the leaves of arugula substitute for angel wings. The gigantic sausage, drizzled in creamy cheese sauce, meanwhile, is supposed to be, well, Crimveal’s giant sausage.

If you’re not in the mood to bite into Crimveal’s sausage, you can instead opt for a rice omelet modeled after the large, enticing eye of a cyclops girl the reviewers meet.

▼ As is standard for anime cafes, drink orders get you a coaster with character art, while food orders get you special art place mats.

The Interspecies Reviewers Cafe is being hosted at Machi Asobi Cafe, which has five branches (in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kita Kyushu, and Tokushima City) from January 18 to February 16.

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Source: Machi Asobi Cafe via Otakomu

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