Stylish shoulder bag opens up a whole new world of playtime with a number of handy features. 

Japanese pets are amongst the most spoilt in the world, with pooches dressed in fine kimonos for special occasions and kitties honoured with entire temples dedicated to them.

Even the country’s hedgehogs are beloved and adored, with people queuing to ooh and ahh over them at cafes and devour them in the form of delicious dumplings.

Now these spiky little mammals will be feeling the love from their owners, thanks to a new product that allows them to accompany their humans out into the great outdoors.

Called the Harinezumi Carry House (“Hedgehog Carry House“), this handy accessory is made from canvas, resembling a tent in shape and appearance.

Water-repellent and harmless to hedgehogs, these little tents can be used as a safe haven for little critters inside their cages, and can be opened with fasteners, making it easy to clean.

▼ The bottom plate is also removable and washable.

The tent comes with a carry handle, allowing owners to transport pets comfortably to doctor’s appointments or out into the world on exciting excursions.

▼ The shoulder strap is adjustable and the window can be rolled up or down for premium comfort.

The Hedgehog Carry House retails for 4,900 yen (US$43.91) plus tax and is available to purchase via the Readyfor crowdfunding site, where its creators, Solicon, have already smashed their original funding goal by 404 percent.

Given its popularity, the carry house looks set to also become available from the Solicon online store shortly, with deliveries scheduled to begin from 25 March.

Source, images: PR Times
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