The top 10 heroines from Cloud’s days in Midgar.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, the male-character spotlight is on spiky-haired swordsman Cloud pretty much the entire game. That’s no surprise, since not only is he the protagonist, a lot of the other male characters don’t get into the meaty parts of their arcs, or even make their appearance, until later parts of the story that developer Square-Enix is saving for later Remake installments.

The stars of the female cast, though, get plenty of time to shine in their own individual ways during the portion of the saga covered in the first Remake game. Japanese website Inside Games recently polled fans, asking them who their favorite “Final Fantasy VII Remake heroine” is, so let’s take a look at the top results.

9 (tie). Scarlet (4 votes)

Ordinarily, there’s a lot to be said for an intelligent businesswoman who gets things done and dresses confidently. In this case, though, said businesswoman is the head of weapons development for an evil corporation that’s sucking up the planet’s life essence and turning people into monsters.

9 (tie). Madam M (4 votes)

A brand-new addition to the cast for Remake, Madam M’s courtesan-style kimono and sensual hand-massage mastery seem like they’d have won her more supporters. However, her sultry swagger turns to yakuza-level verbal abuse when things don’t go her way or a tight-fisted customer is only interested in her budget-priced services.

8. Betty (6 votes)

A young girl from the slums who likes cats and music, Betty doesn’t seem to have made too deep an impression on players.

7. Barret (7 votes)

Yes, Barret. We’re not sure how the hulking daddy with a machine gun for an arm ended up as a response for Remake’s best heroine, but apparently there are at least a few fans keeping their fingers crossed that when Remake finally makes its way to the Gold Saucer amusement park, Cloud can still end up going on a date with Barret.

6.Marlene (20 votes)

Barret’s charmingly cute daughter, who seems to have acquired some mysterious powers in the transition from the original Final Fantasy VII to Remake, slides into the rankings next to her dad.

5. Kyrie (35 votes)

With larcenous ninja girl Yuffie being saved for future Remake releases, spunky Kyrie steps in to fill the roll of someone looking out for herself with aplomb.

4. Cloud (in dress) (76 votes)

The second dude to appear on the list is Cloud himself. While cross-dressing is something he reluctantly undertakes in to gain access to an enemy stronghold, Cloud’s frilly fashion foray has long had enough fans that it was one of the first things Square Enix announced would be retained for Remake, and the developers delivered on the promise by even providing multiple dresses for him to end up in.

3. Jessie (298 votes)

Jessie’s backstory may involve her failed aspiration to become an actress, but no other returning character saw their role so greatly expanded for Remake. The demolitions expert (or as close to an expert as they’ve got) for resistance group Avalanche, the flirtatious Jessie also seems keenly interested in making fireworks with Cloud, and her straightforward approach put her near the top of the poll.

And now, for the showdown everyone knew was coming between not only the two most popular female characters in Final Fantasy’s franchise history, but video games in general, coming in second place is…

2. Aerith (635 votes)

By spending all of its time in what was only the initial part of the original-version Final Fantasy VII, Remake can take more time showing how the cast’s initial relationships form, and many feel Aerith greatly benefits from this. Yes, she’s still a mysterious young women harboring magical abilities coveted by the game’s antagonists, but Remake is also able to show her as a down-to-earth person with, in many ways, an ordinary life, making her more relatable in the process.

But even that extra boost can’t push her past…

1. Tifa (892 votes)

Business owner and martial artist, Cloud’s childhood friend Tifa topped the poll, and by a pretty wide margin. Some may have been expecting a closer contest between her and Aerith, but in the end it really is hard to resist someone who can mix a strong drink, is constantly kind to kids, sick people, and senior citizens, and, when the going gets tough, can punch a bad guy so hard that it makes a dolphin spontaneously appear.

Source: Inside Games via Jin
Top image: Final Fantasy VII official website
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