The printer is working, no one else is in the room, but the print-out is nowhere to be found

Recently, Japanese college student and Twitter user @miitara37 was at home writing a report on her laptop and needed to print out a hard copy. No problem – her family has a printer, so all it would take was a few clicks a short walk into the next room, where the device is located.


when @miitara37 went to retrieve her report, the paper was nowhere to be found. But hey, glitches happen, so she went back to her laptop and clicked print again…only to come back to the printer again and once again find its tray empty.

This was weird. The printer is in the room right next door to @miitara37’s, and you can hear the machine whirring as it prints and spits out a page. But even after a third try, there was no print-out to be found when @ miitara37 went to pick it up.

It’s worth pointing out that the family has a dog, and sometimes our animal companions have trouble understanding which things in the house are theirs and which belong to the humans. But again, the printer room is just steps away from where @miitara37 was working on her report, so there’s no way the pooch could have been slipping in unnoticed to nab the papers.

▼ The entrance to @ miitara37’s room is at the bottom of the frame, and the printer room is to the right.

Finally, after five failed attempts, @miitara37 rushed to the other room as soon as she clicked “print,” and found that the culprit wasn’t pets, ghosts, or thieves with an interest in her chemical life sciences studies…

…but simple physics.

The printer had been diligently complying with each and every print request. With exactly the same regularity, though, the papers were falling off the end of the tray…

…and sliding cleanly underneath the filing cabinet the printer sits on top of, disappearing from sight as though they’d never existed in the first place.

It turns out this isn’t the first time for this sort of thing to happen, either, as a similar phenomenon was shared by another Twitter user last summer.

But hey, at least @ miitara37 now has physical backup copies of her report. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to check underneath our furniture to see how many of our lost treasures have been hiding right under our noses all this time.

Source, images: Twitter/@miitara37
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