Along with Tom Nook, you can also wear Lolly, Skye, and more!

Can’t get enough Animal Crossing merch in your life? Starting January 14, you can enjoy a brand-new set of loungewear thanks to Japanese loungewear and pajama brand Gelato Pique! Some of you may remember the Animal Crossing line they released last year, but this one features more characters, more styles, and more goods than before.

First up, there’s a pajama set featuring Timmy and Tommy, otherwise known as the twin tanuki Tom Nook’s shop assistants. This hooded top and bottoms set is super fluffy and costs 12,540 yen (US$108).

▼ Note if you’re shopping online: their names are Tsubukichi and Mamekichi in Japanese!

There are also two long-sleeve pajama sets themed in either mint or red, and the characters on each match that theme’s color. You can buy the tops and bottoms separately for 6,930 yen apiece, or you can purchase any of the three types of pouches from 2,860 yen to 3,740 yen.

▼ The mint set features Filbert, Lolly, Francine, Daisy, and Skye.

▼ And the red set includes Dom, Ursala, Jock, Bunnie, and Poppy.

Want to play a little dress-up and pretend you owe Tom Nook lots of money? Try one of the ultra-fuzzy character sets! They’ll fulfill your fantasy and keep you warm. You can choose from an off-white sheep set or a bear-y brown set for 12,100 yen each.

▼ You could easily be mistaken for a villager in these.

The Tom Nook cushion, pouch, blanket, and pajama set from the previous lineup are also included, so if you missed it the first time around, this is your chance!

▼ Now he can stare at you forever.

All items in the collection go on sale January 14, and they’ll be available at selected Gelato Pique and Usagi Online stores throughout Japan. They’ll also be sold online through the online stores of Gelato Pique and Usagi Online, and some items will even be on the Nintendo Store (link not available yet). There’s no preorder, so set a reminder if you want to be one of the first to purchase something!

Source: PR Times, Gelato Pique, Usagi Online
Featured image: PR Times
Insert images: PR Times, Usagi Online
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