So you can transform together with Sailor Moon. 

If you’re someone who still hasn’t been able to get their hands on the Sailor Moon makeup collection from U.S. brand Colourpop, since it sold out in minutes of being restocked last week, then you might be happy to know that Japanese makeup brand Shiseido has just announced that they’ll be releasing a brand new collaboration with Sailor Moon later this year, the first in more than three years.

The collaboration will be released in conjunction with the new upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal movie, and will take the form of special packaging for products from their total makeup brand “Maquillage“. It was also produced in cooperation with Bandai’s anime makeup brand Creer Beaute, which has brought us other wonderful Sailor Moon makeup like the Moon Stick Pencil Eyeliner.

The collection is small and contains just two kinds of products, and though it won’t include original makeup inspired by the series, the draw is that the packaging of popular Maquillage products will be redesigned with sparkly purples and pinks and Sailor Moon motifs, to represent Sailor Moon’s transformation sequence. Every Sailor Moon fan is sure to love them!

The first item to be decked out in Sailor Moon decor is Maquillage’s popular Dramatic Powdery UV, a foundation powder. It comes as a set with a sponge applicator and a pretty compact mirror case with “Sailor Moon” embossed on the front, and lots of hearts and stars. The foundation comes in three different shades, Ochre 00, 10, and 20.

The second item is the Dramatic Skin Sensor Base EX, a foundation base. The packaging of this product also features similar motifs and colors, but with the added bonus of having a silhouette of Sailor Moon on the bottle. It comes in two shades, “Natural” and “Tone up”.

The products will have a suggested retail price of 2,600 yen (US$24.25) for the Dramatic Skin Sensor Base and 3,500 yen ($32.64) for the foundations, though final prices will be determined by each retail location. They will be available on a limited-time basis wherever makeup products are sold starting on September 21.

You can also pre-order a set of both the foundation and the base, plus a cute black cloth pouch for the foundation compact case with a silhouette of Sailor Moon’s head on it, from Premium Bandai for 7,150 yen. Pre-orders will be open until 11 p.m. on August 20, and delivery of the set will be in September.

Source: PR Times, Sailor Moon Official via Nijimen
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: PR Times, P-Bandai
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