You don’t have to be in a crowd to enjoy fireworks this summer!

Summer in Japan is synonymous with several things: the buzz of cicadas, warm nights at a festival wearing yukata, and of course, firework displays. Unfortunately, thanks to the coronavirus, many fireworks festivals around the country have been cancelled because of the danger of large social gatherings, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up this beloved summer tradition! You can enjoy the beauty of fireworks in a unique way from the comfort of your home, with these new color-changing, firework-decorated drinking glasses and sake cups.

Japanese pottery brand Marumo Takagi, the same brand that brought us the blooming cherry blossom sake cups that went viral on Twitter earlier this year, has produced a delightful array of beautiful glasses and sake cups that are etched with a firework design, and that are known as the “Reikan Hanabi”, or “Cold Fireworks” series. When a cold liquid is poured into the glass, the etchings of the fireworks change colors, turning into a beautiful, colorful display almost good enough to take the place of a real fireworks show.

There are several varieties, each sold in pairs. The first is a set of sake cups, one black and one white, whose fireworks are carved into the base of the cup. Pouring in a cold serving of sake causes the carvings to immediately turn pink, blue, green, yellow and purple, as if a firework is exploding silently before your eyes. The pair sells for 3,300 yen (US$30.79).

The second is a pair of short glasses–meant for sake, of course–whose fireworks motifs are etched into the side of the glass. The colors of the fireworks change much more gradually in these cups than in the sake cups, but are no less beautiful and equally as colorful. They come as a set with a pair of acrylic masu overflow cups for 4,950 yen, or you can get them without the masu cups for 3,300 yen.

Then there’s these gorgeous champagne flutes, which can also come with masu cups for 7,150 yen, or without for 5,500 yen. They’d be great for celebrating a summer birthday or anniversary.

And finally, the series includes large glass tumblers perfect for beer or mixed drinks, as well as soft drinks and water. They’re big enough to hold 360 milliliters (or about 12 fluid ounces) and sell as a pair for 5,500 yen.

These beautiful firework display glasses and sake cups are only available for sale online from Marumo Takagi’s Yahoo Shop and Base Shop, but some are already sold out, so if you want to get your hands on them you might want to act fast! These are sure to be the perfect complement to a hot night on the balcony, wearing a summer yukata and drinking something cold as you listen to the cicadas chirp from the trees.

Source: Marumo Takagi via Japaaan
Top Image: Marumo Takagi

Insert Image: Marumo Takagi
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