The smash hit taste sensation is back! In KitKat form! Again!

Tokyo Banana is one of, if not the most famous souvenir one can buy when visiting Tokyo. While tourists from outside the country may set their sights on various flavors of Pocky, skewers of chewy dango dumplings or red bean buns, visitors from other Japanese prefectures have considered this fruity souvenir brand to be top banana since it first went on sale in 1991. The original product is called the Tokyo Banana Miitsuketa (meaning “found it”): a banana shaped sponge cake filled with banana custard cream.

KitKat, on the other hand, is a top seller in Japan — especially when sold in the alluring range of flavors and styles that are on offer throughout the year. 2017 saw the first collaboration of this match made in heaven, and in 2019 they upped the stakes by selling a fancier “gold” version — a KitKat cloaked in golden, banana-caramel flavored chocolate.

The banana-caramel flavor was a huge hit last year and we’re sure fans’ mouths are salivating at the chance to chomp down on that crispy, crunchy caramel sensation all over again. And for a short time, they can! Tokyo Banana KitKat Gold packages will be sold from July 23 to September 7 in the basement of Tokyo Station, exclusively at the Tokyo Okashi Land store.

The package is shaped like a tiny Mt. Fuji, a common symbol of luck, and contains eight individually-wrapped Kit-Kat bars for 756 yen (US$7.02) including tax. Each one is wrapped in a shiny gold wrapper to summon up even more luck.

Even the shape of the collaboration chocolate harkens back to a banana. The usual completely separate Kit-Kat sticks are joined at the edge, just like a bunch of bananas, and are printed with a chunky banana image.

Take care if you go shopping for these crisp, tasty banana snacks, and make sure to stock up — who knows when you’ll next get a chance, especially if you live outside of Tokyo?

Source, images: PR Times
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