Nestlé is back again with new KitKats for you to savor in between the busy moments of your life.

If your days are bustling with school, work, social life, home life, and all the other obligations you have on a day-to-day basis, sometimes it feels like there’s no time to pause. That’s why Nestlé has created a new form of a popular KitKat that fits perfectly into your busy life: “Spare Moment Almond and Cranberry”.

These tiny, bite-size KitKats are a shrunk-down version of the brand’s popular cranberry and almond-topped KitKats, and come in a package of six or seven individually-wrapped chocolates that you can tear into when you just need a little break. In fact, they’re designed to encourage you to take small pauses throughout your day to indulge in a little snack, and with a milk chocolate or ruby chocolate base topped with crunchy almond bits and tangy cranberries, these “petite sweets” are sure to be your go-to pick-me-up.

It’s not only the flavor or even the break that will give you motivation to keep going through the day, though. The individual wrappers also have encouraging words on them! When you stop to take your “spare moment”, make sure to read the package to see what wise words Nestlé has for you. The phrases include: “Take a little break”; “Believe in yourself”; ”Sometimes you just have to dash away”; “People are people, and I am me.”

Some also have quotes that are very relatable, such as “What? I just vacuumed 10 minutes ago!” and “Doesn’t it feel like someone always asks something from you just as you’re about to go home?” KiKat gets you, so why not take a break with them?

The outer packaging features gorgeous illustrations that show people taking a short break from laundry, cooking, and work, as well as people really indulging in a break on the couch or in the park. Seeing these characters taking their breaks will probably make you want to take one, too.

The Spare Moment Almond and Cranberry KitKats will sell at supermarkets, convenience stores, and other places where you can find KiKats for 213 yen per package (US$1.95) starting on March 29. If you love KitKats and want more ways to enjoy a little break, there’s also the KitKat Snax snack packs, and the regular-sized Caramel Banana KitKats are still available. Why not pop into a store to grab some and enjoy a well-deserved break from your hectic daily life?

Source, images: PR Times
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